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Menu from 9th Dec to 20th Dec


Breakfast (Kshs 100)

Scrambled eggs with tomato on toast
Lemon cake


Asian tempura sausage
Swahili kaimatis



Carrot and mince beef sandwich
Fried egg in a mandazi


Minty fruit cuts
Sweet vanilla cup cakes


Stir fried chinese egg sandwich
Honey and banana pancake roll


Treat your self
Add a fresh juice (+ Kshs 80)
Add a fruit salad (+ Kshs 50)



Lunch (Kshs 250)

Specials (Kshs 300)

Stir fried moran beef with carrot asian rice
Baked cajun spicy chicken with roast potatoes
Masala baked beans with carrot asian rice (V)
Mince pie and mash (S)

all served with braised cabbage


Maryland chicken with carrot chapati
Fish teriyaki with butternut ugali
Carrots,egg plant and soy mince with carrot chapati (V)

all served with crunchy mixed greens


Carbonara beef cubes with a spaghetti and rice duo
Sweet and sour bbq chicken with garlic mash potatoes
Coconut & paprika ndengu with a spaghetti and rice duo
Baked chicken patties with garlic mash (S)

all served with mixed seasonal farm veggies


Soft fry matumbo with butternut ugali
Peri peri fish cubes with dhania chapati
Garden peas, carrots and potatoes curry with chapati (V)

all served with mixed greens 

Italian bolognaise with veg pilaf
Grilled herb mushroom chicken with Ugandan mash
Maharagwe wa nazi with veg pilaf (V)
Breaded chicken wings with Belgium chips (S)

all served with steamed garlic cabbage


Treat your self
Add a fresh juice (+ Kshs 80)
Add a fruit salad (+ Kshs 0)