We have always taken pride in preparing food in a safe and clean environment. During this unprecedented time, we want to assure you we have taken proactive measures to address the issue of COVID-19 in our premises. The health and safety of our employees and customers is and always will be our top priority. We continue to add resources and focus on handwashing, hygiene, food safety and sanitation.

Call or Whatsapp us on 0701 950 000 or Email us at tasty@kichen.co.ke  

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Menu from 16th to 28th Mar


Breakfast (Kshs 100)

Smokies with kachumbari
Drop scones with a banana
Fried eggs with mandazi
Vanilla muffins with cut fruit



Baked beans with mahamri
Boiled eggs with donuts


Beef kebab with salsa
Cinammon and strawberry pancakes


Scrambled eggs on toast


Treat your self
Add a fresh juice (+ Kshs 80)
Add a fruit salad (+ Kshs 50)



Lunch (Kshs 250)

Specials (Kshs 300)

Chicken madras
Highland beef casserole
Black bean casserole (V)
Crusted beef patties with butterfly spaghetti (S)

Served with: Stir-fried cabbage and choice of mixed spice chapati or pilau rice


Coconut lamb stew
Fish in jalapeno sauce
Vegetable curry (V)

Served with: Fried greens and sweet potato mash or stir-fried rice


Beef casserole
Breaded chicken
Farm vegetable biriyani (V)
Smoky beef stuffed with pasta (S)

Served with: Crunchy mixed veggies and choice of chapati, butternut ugali or butternut rice


Tomatillas style beef
Asian pan fried fish cubes
Ndengu curry (V)

Served with: Sauteed cumin cabbage and choice of mukimo, lyonnaise
potatoes or veggie rice

Braised peas, carrots and beef with matoke
Simple chicken biriyani
Kunde beans in a Swahili sauce (V)
Fried tilapia fish with bhajia (S)

Served with: Kenyan greens and choice of potato mash, chapati or roasted desicated rice


Treat your self
Add a fresh juice (+ Kshs 80)
Add a fruit salad (+ Kshs 0)