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Menu from 17th to 28th Feb


Breakfast (Kshs 100)

Carrot English muffins
Spanish sweet potato omelette
Red plum jam donuts
Carrot, dhania and minced meat crepe roll



Pumpkin and chives pocket pie
Zucchini drop scones with diced fruits


Sweet potato waffles topped with caramel pineapples
Curry avocado toast with scrambled eggs


Feta and banana toast with vanilla yoghurt
Fried spinach and sausage wrapped in tortillas


Treat your self
Add a fresh juice (+ Kshs 80)
Add a fruit salad (+ Kshs 50)



Lunch (Kshs 250)

Specials (Kshs 300)

Classic kichen baked chicken with dhania chapati
Celery and garlic beef stew with legumes mash potatoes
Swahili maharagwe wa nazi with legumes and mash potatoes
Fusilli pasta with tomato minced beef (S)

all served with carrot and cabbage


Fried matumbo with matoke and potatoes
Lemon butter fish cubes with wali wa nazi
Thai veg curry with wali wa nazi (V)

all served with fried greens


Fish stew made with peppers and tomato with irio
Beef goulash with butternut chapati
Mexican bean stew with butternut chapati (V)
Urban kichen beef burgers with chips (S)

all served with mixed seasonal farm veggies


Classic homemade beef stew with lemony chives rice
Portuguese style roast chicken and peas with ugali
Peas and potato curry masala with lemony chives rice (V)

all served with mixed greens 

Creole chicken with zucchini chapati
Lamb curry with garlic and rosemary potato wedges
Hearty tomato cowpeas stew with zucchini chapati (V)
Chicken pilau with kachumbari (S)

all served with turmeric cabbage


Treat your self
Add a fresh juice (+ Kshs 80)
Add a fruit salad (+ Kshs 0)